16 avril 2013


North avenue (81x130 cm)

2 commentaires:

  1. Dear Jean Drouet,

    In April we bought both North Avenue and Club in Sibmann Gallery in Paris. We were not looking for art and paintings like yours were so far beyond our budget. But when we suddenly were confronted with your work we were completely lost at once. My girlfriend Birgitte immediately fell in love with Club an I could not get my eyes off North Avenue. I was immediately triggered by the hanging flashing lights, the combination of teh red barn with the blue and hot sky, the Hopper kindalike dinner and the car and man that because of the weird perspective continue to draw your attention. I am gonna cherish this extraordinary painting for a very long and long time.
    Thank your
    Peter and Birgitte
    Utrecht, Netherlands

    1. thank you very very much for your message.i like to know that my painting is in other countries. you make a good choice, i like 'north avenue' very much too :). merci .